Counselling for Children, Teens, and Adults

Would you like to discover some practical strategies for tackling problems?

If you are looking for counselling for yourself or your teen, as an experienced psychologist, I can help.

 I provide counselling to people who are:

  • struggling with stress, worry or anxiety
  • feeling low, unhappy, or depressed
  • having relationship problems
  • challenged by a life event (divorce, death, new parent, new job, etc)
  • worried about their teenager and are worried or frustrated as parents

You may feel daunted at the prospect of seeing a therapist, but with the right help, you, your teen, or you family can overcome the curveballs that are being thrown at you right now.

You may feel stressed, overwhelmed, or helpless and have doubts about whether therapy can help. But since you found your way to my website, you’ve probably tried to solve these problems on your own to no avail.

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When you’ve been unable to resolve your problems yourself, seeking a psychologist is a wise choice.

In fact, seeing a therapist may be the only thing that will help you find the answers to your problems.
If you are seeking a psychologist for yourself, you might be having some of these struggles:

  • worrying all the time, having difficulty sleeping, feeling afraid or anxious
  • feeling unhappy or unmotivated
  • unhappy in your relationship, facing the end of a relationship, or wondering why you can’t find a relationship that works for you
  • grieving the death of a loved one
  • stressed due to a transition: leaving or starting a job, going through a relationship break-up, or being a first-time parent

If you are suffering from any of the above issues and want help getting your life back on track, counselling with me may be the solution to your troubles.
If you are seeking a counsellor for your adolescent, he or she might be having some of these problems:

  • acting out at home or at school
  • exhibiting signs of anger, fear, loneliness
  • experiencing social problems with peers or teachers
  • socializing with peers who are having a negative influence
  • not listening or cooperating
  • difficulty sleeping or eating

If your son or daughter is exhibiting any of the above behaviors, I can help. In addition to working directly with your teenager, I can also help you set boundaries with your child, help you deal with any frustration, and provide answers to parenting questions that you might have.

I can help you get to the root of your problems and help you solve them.

Whether it’s you or your adolescent child that you are seeking counselling for, here are some of the benefits you might experience: 

Benefits for Adults & Parents: 


  • feel calmer and more relaxed
  • have more rewarding relationships
  • feel happier and more engaged with life
  • resolve relationship conflict in healthy ways
  • deal with life transitions with more clarity and ease
  • if you are a parent, you’ll feel more confident that your teen is on a better path

Benefits for Teenagers:

  • improve relationships with peers
  • listen and cooperate better
  • be happier and calmer
  • be more respectful and accountable for their actions
  • take more responsibility for their behaviour
  • increase their focus on school and the future


Why Choose Me as Your Therapist?

I am a licensed psychologist with over 10 years experience working with teenagers, parents and adults. Having worked in independent and vocational schools, group homes, foster care, semi and independent living facilities, as well as in my private therapy practice in Calgary, I bring a wealth of rich and varied experience to the table.

What exactly can I expect from counselling?

You will receive support and guidance from someone who will treat you and your child with kindness and respect.  I am compassionate, understanding, yet, direct when I need to be.  I will offer a customized counselling plan that will be tailored to your or your child’s unique needs.

I also take what I call a “creative approach” to therapy. Of course, serious issues are treated with the utmost gravity, but whenever possible, you or your child might just have a bit of fun.

The exact style of treatment will depend solely on you and your needs, but if it seems like you or your child will benefit from it, we might just bring some music or humor into the mix. We may “stomp out anger,” or rip up paper, or sing a song to air out that aggression that may be buried inside you.

Okay, I’m ready to get started. What’s the next step?

Give me a call. Here’s my contact information.

Congratulations. You’re taking the first step towards making positive changes in your life.