10 Ways to Help Your ADHD Child

1. Use visual or written reminders for routines and rules (i.e. House rules, chores, hygiene, etc.).
2. Be clear about expectations and rules so that you do not get into power struggles and arguments.
3. Have realistic expectations that take your child’s strengths and weaknesses into account.
4. Model self control and take breaks when you or your child need time and space to calm down.
5. Use external cues such as timers to remind you and your child to keep track of time.
6. Avoid situations that increase time pressure for you and your child.
7. Avoid comparing your child to peers and siblings.
8. Establish a good relationship and regular communication with your child’s teacher.
9. Encourage exercise as a healthy outlet for emotions and excess energy.
10. Break down difficult tasks or assignments into manageable chunks.

Tara-Anne Powell, M.A., R. Psych.